Spring Fishing Is Great

It’s spring, and fishing is what you want to be doing, so contact Rising Son Expeditions and sign up for an inshore fishing trip today. It’s hard to find a place where the fishing isn’t great.

Our spring weather may not cooperate every day, but inshore is calmer than offshore, and you’re sure to get some bites. Your captain won’t have a problem finding the right spot for a successful trip.

While bass and catfish are a distinct possibility, you’ll probably catch a speck (spotted seatrout) easily. During spring they congregate in shallow water.

Flounder is a favorite inshore fish, and they’re really good on the table. Another popular fish inshore is redfish. You may also catch tarpon, which are inshore superstars, and targeted by many anglers.

If you have kids along, bonnethead and blacktip sharks can be found inshore, and will give the kids a thrill. You, too, for that matter.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, inshore fishing is fun and will reward you with some delicious fish for lunch or dinner.

Call today and make a reservation for some great inshore fishing with Rising Son Expeditions.