November Fishing Season is On

Tasty Flounder will be on your plate soon, as November is the time to hook one inshore/near shore in the Bay or in the Gulf. You may catch several, so be prepared.

You may also catch Gag Grouper or Red Grouper, as well as Black Drum, Redfish, which is great eating, Sheepshead, Bass, Flathead Catfish, speckled Seatrout or Tuna. While Red Snapper is not in season now, Black Snapper, Mingo Snapper, Vermillion Snapper and White Snapper are. Triggerfish is also in season during November and December.

Fishing can be fast and furious, but not all fish are available year-round. As the seasons change, so do the fish in season. Water temperatures change and fish spawn then move on. Fortunately, there is always a variety available in any given month. Your charter captain will know exactly what you can catch and where, whether it’s near a bridge, grass flats or a near shore structure/reef, to catch all you want.

Don’t forget your fishing license. If you’re from Florida or another state, getting a license is as simple as going to myfwc.com/license to get yours.
Get your gear ready and book a charter. Any day fishing is a good day, and you’re sure to catch a cooler full when you charter with Rising Son Expeditions.